Welcome to the University Business Idea Challenge, Uganda's First Entrepreneurship challenge.


A lot of enterprising people have excelled in business with very little and sometimes no financial support but persistence and passion for your idea will be a driving force for your business like the saying goes “if you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk crawl but keep moving close to attaining your ideological goals”.
All existing products and services where once ideas which were implemented and turned into what we are consuming today. However in Uganda today very many graduate youth are unemployed yet they have business ideas which only need to be groomed and turn into really profitable business ventures and attract a lot of customers

Your Benefits

Build your network

Meet startup founders & innovative companies and explore the business ecosystem.

Lean Startup, Design

Thinking, Agile, corporate innovation, innovation accounting, venture financing and much more.

Solve a real challenge

Bring in your strengths and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Build a strong team and collaborate with global companies.


The University Business idea Challenge opened my mind to a whole new perspective on life, it also helping me build my entrepreneurial skills.
Musisi Joshua
MUK Student

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