About Us

Creating an everlasting solution to unemployment in the youth.

Encouraging the youth turn their business ideas in to really business.

About the University Business Idea Challenge.

The university business idea challenge is a competition for the youth in universities which will teach them how to develop their ideas into powerful business models and pitch them to the world. So whether it’s an innovative mobile app, anew medical service or formula, a national dance club, music, a new product, anew service among others. We want to hear about your idea and how it solves the Unemployment question and wows customers.
The Challenge is aimed at providing university students with an outstanding opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path and help them acquire valuable knowledge and skills.

The university business idea challenge is duly registered by the Uganda registration service bureau on the 12 April 2019 in accordance with the provisions of the business names registration Act and the rules made thereunder, and has been entered under the number 80020001756013 in the index of registration.

The university business challenge is going to be a yearly event starting June 2019 and involving various top universities in the country.
Unemployment is so rampant in the youth today as a result of failing to put their ideas into use or to start small business making them compete for few jobs available.

Research as shown the level of unemployment in the youth to be at 33.3% while with the graduate youth to be at 36%.